Dissecting ‘Salem’s Lot’

‘Salem’s Lot is King’s second novel, published just after Carrie.   The popular novel, which is considered to be among King’s best, prominently features a vast number of characters who live in the town ‘Salem’s Lot.  In fact, he spends almost 3/4 the novel head jumping between various townsfolk.

Ben Mears – arguably the main single character of the novel – only takes up 20% of the book, while his fellow Vampire hunters, Susan, Matt and Mark, collectively occupy 15%.

Character Words Percent
Ben Mears           30,957 20%
Susan Norton           10,866 7%
The Lot (I)           14,389 9%
The Lot (II)           10,615 7%
The Lot (III)           12,822 8%
The Lot (IV)           38,403 25%
Matt Burke             5,093 3%
Mark Petrie             7,199 5%
Extra POVs           21,697 14%
 TOTAL        152,041

Dissecting ‘Carrie’

How does Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ breakdown?

  • 60,718 words total; yet the title character only occupies 32% of the entire novel
  • 10 total POV characters
  • The epistolary sections add up to 18,333 words.
Character Words Percent
Carrie        19,322 32%
Epistolary        18,333 30%
Sue Snell           8,060 13%
Chris Hargensen           4,867 8%
Billy Nolan           3,388 6%
Principal Grayle           2,091 3%
Gym Teacher Desjardin           1,975 3%
Margaret White              938 2%
Tommy Ross              990 2%
Vic Mooney              754 1%
 TOTAL        60,718

What should I add next?

Morning everyone!   I wanted to give you a quick update on the site’s maintenance (or lack thereof), and ask a favor in return.

First, some history.  I started this blog as a resource for myself, using WordPress so I could access my word-count data from anywhere in the world, and easily share this data with friends.  Along the way, it caught the attention of Google and, well, the traffic exploded (literally) overnight.

Fast forward two years later, and traffic isn’t slowing down a bit.  In fact, it’s growing.  Thanks, mostly, to the release of ‘IT’ the last two weeks have hit (almost) record high daily page views.   This is awesome.

The problem is, this isn’t my full time job.  Not even close.  It isn’t even my full time hobby.  And gathering this data is not exactly easy.   Furthermore, I’m not active on Twitter currently, so many messages sent to that account were only read today (oops, sorry!).    I am in the process of redefining my Twitter life (yay), so you’ll see more of me on that medium going forward.

The good news is that I have a full list of new novels to add… including most of Star Wars Universe.  The bad news is I have no idea what to add behind it.

So here’s my ask – Though I realize this site isn’t very prone to comments (which is fine), and I know I may be talking to thin air, if you have any recommendations on what should come next, please comment, and I’ll do my best to provide an update in a timely manner.  

Again, thank you all for the visits and shares.  In return I pledge to be a better site master.

We’ll see how I do.