Dissecting ‘Salem’s Lot’

‘Salem’s Lot is King’s second novel, published just after Carrie.   The popular novel, which is considered to be among King’s best, prominently features a vast number of characters who live in the town ‘Salem’s Lot.  In fact, he spends almost 3/4 the novel head jumping between various townsfolk.

Ben Mears – arguably the main single character of the novel – only takes up 20% of the book, while his fellow Vampire hunters, Susan, Matt and Mark, collectively occupy 15%.

Character Words Percent
Ben Mears           30,957 20%
Susan Norton           10,866 7%
The Lot (I)           14,389 9%
The Lot (II)           10,615 7%
The Lot (III)           12,822 8%
The Lot (IV)           38,403 25%
Matt Burke             5,093 3%
Mark Petrie             7,199 5%
Extra POVs           21,697 14%
 TOTAL        152,041

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